About GNRR

GNRR is a regular event where people can read graphic novels in others’ company in a relaxed space such as a cafe, a community centre or a library. A wide selection of graphic novels are provided to chose from, mainly long-form fiction and non-fiction. The sessions can be anything from a couple of hours to a whole day where people come and go freely.

Everybody at the event will be reading something different and there is no formal discussion about the books. People are encouraged to attend on their own or with friends - everybody over 18 is welcome. A sociable and calm atmosphere is established and drinks and snacks are usually available - depending on the venue.

GNRR can also travel and can set up a Reading Room as an activity for schools, universities, workplaces, charities or art festivals and can also set up in a pop-up space.

  1. The purpose of the events is threefold:
  2. to introduce new people to graphic novels and to give access to a inspiring selection of books for those who already love comics
  3. to create a comfortable space where people can properly unwind and be with others in a non-pressured environment
  4. to promote artists, publishers, festivals, indie bookshops and businesses and the comics community