Site sections…

  1. About
    1. What it is
    2. Who I am - maybe these two are the same
  2. Previous Events + pics/videos
  3. Future Events + booking
  4. Book the GNRR (for festivals, cafes, venues, universities etc.)
  5. Reviews - pics, articles, blog posts
  6. Links - Storygraph, Newsletter sign up, Insta, FB
  7. Contact

Some of the above could be on every page:

Could the main headings be:

simple to understand or is this more confusing? Where would Book the GNRR go?


Based on the above sections the site could be split into different pages and sections (collections of pages).

  1. Front page
    1. About
      1. GNRR with..
      2. Storygraph link (trouble is this takes people off the website. Open a new tab? )
      3. Links to press, About Gabi
    2. Future/Next events
    3. Newsletter sign up
    4. contact
  2. Previous events page or section
  3. Reviews page or section
  4. The footer could include:
    1. Newsletter sign up
    2. FB and Instagram links
    3. contact form

Some random thoughts about the site…

Because graphic comics are visual it need to reflect that. Could use either:

Other sites for ideas:

Mailchimp A record IP address


Chose fonts from Google. Neucha is the font for the main body of text.

Sunday could be / was used for headings (same font used in Instagram fonts) but there WAS a problem with letter ‘b’ not showing up. As long as lowercase letters are used the letter ‘B’ is fine.

The alternative heading font is Amatic SC which comes in two different weights: 400 and 700 (ie. regular and bold). It’s all caps though lowercase letters are slightly smaller. This is a nice font but possibly too similar to Neucha: both are sans-serif and of a very similar weight. The Sunday font is heavier and has serifs thus providing more contrast with the body font Neucha.

Other Fonts

Tried several other fonts: