Pages and/or sections


This section could also be: future events, coming up, events

This would be a section of pages, one for each event with a box for the first several (how many? 3, 4, all?)

These could have an expiry date so that they automatically disappear after a certain date. Done with Hugo (the site generator) this would only happen after a website update/change. Could probably be done with JavaScript though would depend on the users computer having the correct time/date set.

The next event seems important enough to have as the first info to see. This could be a short one line with the next event time/date and place and a link to that event’s page.


This (specifically a map / directions / photo of venue) could all go in the the specific page for the event. The location / address could then simply be tied in with the When section.

About / What it is?

Changed the CSS layout for this from grid to columns because this allows the boxes to shrink in height appropriately. However it may not be obvious which box is next. (We usually read L to R and this is how comics are generally layed out too.) so a pointer or arrow could be added somehow? Possibly a vertical line divider between the columns.

An alternative is to use HTML so that multiple paragraphs can be kept in each box but this would make editing the text more technical.

Book an event

This will only be of interest to a minority of visitors so details can go on a separate page. Some info could go with the contact form?


Just needs a link somewhere to a separate section page with all reviews. OR could have a small section with a synopsis or quote from several reviews with a link to more reviews.

More images

The menu

Needs sorting out and thinking about for both desktop and mobile.


Does the menu need icons too?


There are various new CSS rules used that won’t work in older browsers and need to be modified:

How compatible does it need to be? For phones with Android 4.4 I don’t think you can even get the latest browsers. Opera mini might be the best which is fairly restrictive.

## CMS

The content management system. Netlify CMS is probably best since it can create new pages with Hugo.