This is an outline for the development of the site. There are two versions.

The first, which is mostly done now, is a single page site with essential information on. The aim of the version 1 is a respectable web site with useful information on that can be publicised elsewhere (Instagram, Facebook, business cards, CVs and other publicity etc.).

The second will be a multipage version and include a CMS.

Version 1

Can include some or all of the following.

  1. Branding - establish the look of the site including:
    1. colours / gradients
    2. fonts
    3. font sizing and line-height
    4. logo designs
    5. icon designs
    6. line - shape of any distinguishing lines
  2. Some design considerations (these can vary more than branding):
    1. button design
    2. link and hover effects
  3. Sections - how to divide the information into different sections.
  4. Section menu - could be a disappear on scroll one like Moon Landings
  5. Text/copy. The wording for the different sections.
  6. Imagery - make a start on some of the imagery (photos and illustraions)
  7. Contact form
  8. Newsletter form

Version 2

  1. Multipage site including sections for:
    1. Past events
    2. Reviews
    3. Quotes / testimonies - could be a section on the front page?
    4. About (GNRR & Gabi)
    5. A more general blog section?? (could incorporate Past Events and Reviews.)
  2. Different code structure perhaps using a theme
  3. Sections/Pages/Footer - which sections go on the front page, what has a separate page/s and what can go in the footer (ie. on every page).
  4. Differnt design (but using branding established v.1)
  5. A Content Management System (CMS) - editing the pages for Gabi. Could be:
    1. Netlify-CMS (see demo) web based
    2. SaaS - api based service. Free tier should be fine
  6. Flyout (hamburger) menu for mobile sites. (eg. swinging door style)
  7. Imrpoved animations
  8. Own Git repo - could set up a separate GitLab or GitHub repo for GNRR.
  9. Get rid of extraneous assets like font files, image, icon files etc..
  10. Image CDN - could host images on a separate CDN like uploadcare
  11. Search?? - only if needed.

Design idea for version 2.

Emphasizing a bit more luxury/quality/sophistication to reflect the high production quality of books and the niceness of GNRR venues. (The fonts were only changed coz of software this image was created in.)

Idea for version 2